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The Firm is divided into a trial division and a transaction division. The Foreclosure and Real Estate Sections are in the transaction division and are supervised by Frank W. Erwin, licensed in North Carolina in 1977 and certified by the NC State Bar as a Specialist in Residential Real Property Transactions since 1987. The Bankruptcy Section is supervised by John P. Simpson, who received his license in 1972 and who has limited his practice to Bankruptcy matters, domestic and civil litigation.

The Real Property Section Senior Staff is Joanie W. King, with the firm since 1985. Mary Kay Dennis, employed with the firm since 1986 and Karen Finney Burdette both provide support in the transaction area.

Rebecca Waters, employed since 1994, is the senior staff abstractor and handles the title work portion of the real property and foreclosure preparation, with review by the Real Property Section Manager, Joanie W. King.

The Bankruptcy Section senior staff member is Julie Baker. Julie has been with the Firm since 1995 and prior to that worked for other local firms in the bankruptcy area. Antoinette Ortega is an additional staff person in the section, as well as the civil litigation section, and has recently joined the firm, moving to the area from Atlanta, Georgia in 2011.

Foreclosure staff which supports the firm attorneys is Debbie Hemby, with the firm since 1986. In addition, Debbie Hemby is involved in the Wills and Estates and Business Entities, along with Antionette Ortega.